Car tissue Holder Bless You Pink Boarder Single

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Car tissue Holder Bless You Pink Boarder Single


God bless you! Gesundheit! Sneezes and runny noses happen in the car too! Cute and convenience collide into the slender tall tissues that nestle perfectly in the cupholder of your car. (No more big cumbersome Kleenex boxes on the dash!) This set of three is beautifully decorated in full Natural Life color. Choose an inspiring message you’d love to see when you hop in your car each morning. Whether you’re on a road trip or you commute every day, a tissue is just a reach away! You’ll also be grabbing a tissue to sop up any drips or dribbles that happen when you bring your coffee along in the car. They make a great gift for get well baskets! Make your car a bit happier (and cleaner) with anything in our car collection!



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