Baby Bling Sailor Knot: Clay

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Baby Bling Sailor Knot: Clay 


The classic braided detail of the SAILOR KNOT Headband adds style to any casual outfit. 

  • Intricate braid adds detail and style. 
  • Low profile design keeps all the attention on your babes sweet face.
  • Soft and snug material keeps it comfortable on your little one's head.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors, you can match today's hottest trends and your favorite hand-me downs.
  • Each headband is hand sewn and tied by women in our local community.

  • This headband is one size fits most and the size cannot be adjusted. 
  • The headband is sewn at a 7" diameter (14" circumference), keep in mind that measurement is before it stretches. 
  • The headband measures 3.25” in width


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