Scott Farms Tomato Basil Soup Mix

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Scott Farms Tomato Basil Soup Mix


It's time to get you a grilled cheese and this tomato basil soup ready with the cold weather coming on!

Quick Soup Mix (Just Add Water) For single serving use 1/4 cup of dry mix to 1 cup of water. Our resealable pouches enable you to store mix that is left for later use. Gluten Free, No Trans Fats, No MSG. (Only 7gr of carb, 2gr of sugar and 430mg sodium per 1/2 cup of soup) Just add water: Bring 6 cups of cold water and soup mix (after stirring) to a simmer. Approximate 20 minutes you will have a very smooth and delicious soup.You can also make in a microwave. Full recipe makes approximate 8 cups. Compare this soup to your canned soups and the flavor and healthy option will make you a believer! Contains: Soy, Milk


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