Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle- Shark's

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Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle- Shark's


Create some indoor fun with our Stephen Jossph Shaped Jigsaw Puzzles! Help kids stay occupied inside with these colorful and bright character puzzles. Challenge kids to a classic pasttime of puzzling while they learn dexterity, recognition, patience and concentration! Watch their faces fill with acomplishment when they complete the puzzle all on their own. Both the box and the puzzle feature fun, whimsically shaped puzzles comprised of 40+ pieces and generously sized at 20+" each (sizes vary by design). Dino, shark and firetruck boxes features moving parts, while bunny, unicorn, and mermaid boxes feature glittler accents. 

  • 40+ pieces 
  • Giftable boxes with decorative details
  • Completed puzzle measures approx. 21" x 20". *Varies by design
  • Wipe clean


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